Nibiru / Planet-X


There are numerous scenarios regarding Nibiru, and it is with some reluctance that I have decided to post links to this extremely interesting subject, which may be interpreted by some as being “negative”. I have been focusing  primarily in posting mainly positive and uplifting information on my blog. Reality is what it is and there is no escape to that fact, we are all in the process of discovery. “Reality is stranger than fiction”.

Please view the related information regarding Nibiru with an open mind and heart and intelligent  discernment. We are all in a very special moment of creation in which we are co-creators of our reality. I invite you to focus on Unconditional Love as you contact this information and understand there is a perfection to All that may or not be understood by Mind, but IS by the ultimate Consciousness of which we are mere fractals of. Our ancestors and galactic family have announced the times we are now living in and there are many possibilities that may materialize which we must be open to. Be positive. Be in the NOW.

Luz y Amor


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