2 comments on “Has Cancer Been Completely Misunderstood?

  1. We look so hard and ALWAYS miss the boat on this one. As someone who has had cancer 3 times we don’t know squat about cancer. Therefore it is highly mistreated. In my experience I found there where 2 things that got rid of the cancer and kept it away. 1) frequency based remedies that emit a frequency from a water carrier into the body. It is the same frequency as that particular cancer. When the two frequencies meet the cancer dissolves. The 2nd is art. I’ve been moving, drawing and writing my way to health for about 15 years after 3 cancers I thought it’d be a good idea. I find that cancer comes from thoughts and emotions which end up manipulating the cells. Our lives, live in our bodies. We are the recipient of our thoughts, emotions and belief systems. They rub up against us wearing us out. That is it in a nut shell. People have done the research proving this but medicine seems to not read those things. When emotions are felt and taken seriously and released or via frequencies we get rid of our illness. I’ve been helping people do this for over 27 years. Lots and lots of people do this type of work. It’s a new field so there are many of us talking this talk. We each seem to do it differently.

    Until medicine of any kind gets that emotional, thought connection to illness, accidents, divorce, loosing your job, etc., etc. they will not heal well. Once they get that they can open a bit more and dive into the theory of consciousness and that we all come from the same one. Ultimately. So what are we to do? Learn how to feel our feelings and go beneath them and see what is going on there…then go beneath that one and the next. You’ll find your freedom there. Our freedom, health, abundance, love all come from with in. This is our connection to the Greater Creator. When we do this the body heals. Many have done, written about and it teach people how to do it.

    The reason you don’t know about it or think that it is nonsense is because you don’t know anything about it. If you did u wouldn’t feel that way. This is very old shamanic thinking. Medicine threw the baby out with the bathwater. Use medicine when it’s absolutely necessary but try other things first. I went through chemo and surgeries. It sucked, it was killing me I stop taking it myself, it didn’t get rid of the cancers in other places. Not a good system. If I had stayed on the chemo I would have died. There is not doubt to that.

    The reasons for cancer and other diseases is very misunderstood. This is the one big place pharmaceutical drugs fail. Illnesses are maintained but not cured. It is possible to get rid of cancer or any illness. I wouldn’t lump them all into the same place either. Different lung cancers heal different way. We are not a one size fits all disease state. The reasons vary. Everyone I’ve worked with who had cancer and did the emotion clearing eventually went into remission. The few who did not all died. They refused to go inside of themselves, feel their feelings and let them go. They hung on refusing to forgive any one either themselves or the offender; parent, grandfather, sibling, church, etc.

    • Dis-ease arises from an unbalanced alignment with the Natural Order of the frequencies that surround us and that we are totally immersed in. From a state of NO-Mind, therefore from a state of Total Beingness and Total Harmonic Resonance with the Natural Order surrounding us, natural healing is allowed. Not from a state of Mind but rather from a state of Heart centered vibration. This healing vibration is contacted through Conscious Intent and is beyond any mental belief system. Trust, Surrender, Harmonize with Unconditional Love. Peace.

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