2 comments on ““The Truth About Enki”

  1. Hat dies auf next level rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Hallo GEN ius, my name is apis, i am born at the beginning of all. Look for information – if you want what apis is. I am a thought from the pre creator.
    In this higher time i live the inkarnation as Kurt Meyer, a “normal”human beeing. First i live in darkness,- meens wihout knowing. 3 years ago i called me self into the awerness by my higher self..
    So i am – meens my Councessnes,- take an experience how it feels, to live a life as human at total restriction.
    Now i make an point and create al line under this experiences.
    I bear witness about my experience in this density. I went this route very aware. It was not a convenient way. That’s what I want to testify. Before and especially after my consciousness.
    Duality in this area of the universe is no picnic. Why ..? Because the darkness, the light does not like … here in this place.
    Best regards

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