3 comments on “Indigo YinYang’s Quantum Universe

  1. Hi. Nice artIcle. Very good ideas but it seems that you mIght be lacking some practical experience that would help with your work. Quartz is not used because it sends or receives but rather because when a current is applied to it oscillation occurs. The stretch of metal ( antenna) does the transmission and reception because it is physically or logically the same size as a particular wave. You can get a basic oscillating circuit kit from RadioShack to experiment… Changing geers.. Check out Sefer yetzirah for other ancient ideas on the formation of matter by use of sound. “god SAID, let there be light”… Ooh bonus thought. Quarts has piezo electric properties. Put a handful into a translucent jar or bottle and shake in the dark. Watch the magic light show

    • ¿ Is it possible there are other types of “currents” that crystals because of their inherent characteristics (known and unknown, but nonetheless existent) may cause effects beyond those that “conventional” science is currently aware of ?

      • Not just possible but extremely likely. We are too limited in being to perceive every force of the universe acting on every physical manifestation. What we can be sure of is that there is alwAys something new to discover. Chi may or may not be a real energy. If I act upon the assumption that it is real my martial practice invariably benefits from the paradigm. Salamshalom

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