3 comments on “A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED : The Secret to an Unknown Human Power by GW Hardin

  1. With great due respect to Dr Konstantin Meyl and his work, it is an insult to refer to him as the ‘new Einstein,’ which implies that Einstein was the greatest scientist of his era. This was not the case. Einstein was merely a great plagiarist. He appropriated scientific concepts from greater scientists, reformulated them and took them as his own – without giving them credit. It should not be forgotten that before immigrating to America Einstein was a patent clerk at the Patent Office in Switzerland, where he was privy to pioneering concepts lodged by some of the great scientists.
    Einstein’s name was originally and continues to be propagated by a certain political force for psychological gain of superiority. Since the commencement of that erroneous elitist appellation of ‘the man’ people of many persuasions in many fields have used his name as a means of ‘acceptance and promotion’ of themselves and or their products. It is like using the code word of acceptance.
    The greatest scientist of the 20th century was Nikola Tesla. In an interview, unfortunately, Dr Konstantin Meyl insultingly and ignorantly referred to Nikola Tesla as a mere ‘engineer.’ Tesla was more than an engineer; he was a great scientist and thinker, whose most important work for humanity was crushed by the malevolent system of money, manipulated by that satanic bankster JP Morgan. Dr. Meyl arrogantly and disparagingly insults promoters of Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a greater scientist than Dr Meyl will ever become.

  2. I stopped reading at “humanity is among the most SPIRITUALLY advanced species of the universe.” I happen to know of highly spiritually evolved beings in this very galaxy who say and explain why the EXACT opposite is true. We are the lowest one can possibly go.

    • Failure to believe in the fact that we are all Spiritual Beings having a Human experience, thus a “spiritually advanced species”, and the cosmic perfection inherent in that fact, can lead to confusion concerning the importance of experiential realities as a divine process of free will.

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