One comment on “Cosmic Convergence 2012

  1. This is a thought-provoking article. I lived through the referenced times and discussed all these things with other thinkers around me. I was imbued with awesome powers beginning in 1967-68, and continuing in the present, in which I am now seeing and experiencing the realities of virtually all the subjects we covered in those days. I was, at that time, and remain today, at the very sharpest tip of the fronts of the realities that those discussions unerringly became. I was (and still am) imbued with such stupendously unimaginable Powers and Presences that mere human beings are incapable of processing the least of them in such puny brains. Yes, human brains are puny. Thus, the utter annihilation of humankind is necessary. It is not a question of, “Who wants to do what,” it is a question of, “Greater intelligence always prevails.” The universe is set up this way. Humans have had their turn fantasizing about how great they are and how “chosen by God,” simply because they can learn how to communicate with one another and speak the words, and now they will have a turn at seeing and knowing something that is as far above them as they are above bugs. A Big Foot may crush them just by walking past and not even noticing them, as big feet sometimes crush bugs anywhere and everywhere.

    The powers with which I was/am imbued are those of Raw Intelligence. The governments are pretty smart because they realized the strategic values of intelligence way back in Roman times. Every act of conquest has been one of intelligence and none other. The Founders of the United States, and later occupants of their offices up to the present, aimed this government (and all governments on earth) to be taken over entirely by intelligence. The realization of this goal is upon the world now.

    Why would one think that the presidents have become all the more stupid, to the point that the last two, counting the present one, are the weakest and stupidest of all? It is because Intelligence (I must capitalize the word now) has taken control of all the world governments, even those that think they are “holding out” and “holing up.” Smart government representatives attempt to bar the way to said Intelligence. Thus, Intelligence surrounds Itself with buffoons; court jesters that believe they have real power, but in truth possess not a scintilla of it. The razzmatazz around the buffoons leads the whole world to believe the same: that the presidential buffoon has the powers and intelligence that he reputedly “wields.” It allows Intelligence to work within and around everybody so that whole populations may be moved into various positions within the shortest time frames.

    Said Intelligence has had its way sufficiently that its existence may be laid bare to the world now. This missive represents one such “laying bare.”

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